K. West Skin Body Soul

This project features custom casework and solid surface countertops in a collaborative project with Five/Eighths Architecture and Synecdoche Design Studio. The casework is found on the second level of a beautifully restored 1900’s home in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.



A bright yet soothing environment was created using white accents, casework, and whitewashing the existing douglas fir flooring. This allowed the old character of the home to shine through the fresh new details.


Construction Details

The spa rooms included the use of hot-steamed towels, so there was a chance of their casework being exposed to moisture. We constructed the cabinets using a water-resistant MDF, and finished them with an exterior grade satin clear coat to be sure they could withstand any exposure to moisture.


The Finish

A rift sawn white pine veneer was used over the water-resistant MDF, which was then whitewashed before receiving it’s satin top coat. This gave the surfaces of the cabinetry a beautiful, natural texture that both felt and looked great.