Doing something more

I started Bourne Building Co. because I wanted to do something that was more than just good enough. I wanted to instill the positive impact that a carpenter, creative, or tradesman could have on someone’s life. I wanted to stand back from my day’s work and know that I’ve impacted someone, and that I did the best job that I could have done.

The materials and technology we have in the industry today are far superior than anyone could have dreamed of, 100 years ago. In a time where hard work was admired, when working with your hands wasn’t just your only option, but a choice. A choice to build someone a home, fix somebody’s car, or cook them a meal. It seems that today, there is less of a focus on craft, and more of an emphasis on production.

It all started somewhere, but it’s not over yet; it’s in our nature to create. Everyone does it differently, and I wanted to satisfy my need to create by building functional pieces and spaces that allow you to do the same. There’s a craftsman in all of us, I’m here to help you discover yours.